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Adopt the most secure and enterprise-ready public cloud

IBM Cloud offers variety of solutions and services to ensure that your digital enterprise is winning the race. With the broadest portfolio of SAP-certified infrastructure, IBM Cloud is one of the most secure and futuristic public cloud.


IBM Cloud is designed to be the most secure and enterprise-ready public cloud. With a range of cloud offerings across the cloud lifecycle, IBM provides clients with the right and most optimized transformation roadmap. It has the broadest portfolio of SAP-certified infrastructure ranging from bare-metal VMware to IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers.

IBM Cloud offers foundational security which means an edge-to-cloud protection for all data and applications. The dynamics of IBM Cloud are very flexible and there are multiple cloud approaches to choose from. You can even unify public and private cloud services from multiple vendors under Hybrid Cloud Approach. It has different types of automation backed up with flexible and trustworthy AI.

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Partnership Highlights

Being the silver partner of IBM, this partnership uses years of experience to provide solutions to enterprises globally. It helps the business to achieve its goals objectively. The highlights of this partnership are:

Optimum utilization

Right-sized infrastructure on Cloud with TCO report that shows you relative cost savings

360 Degree Experience

Provides end-to-end experience for a customer in an appropriate business

Strategic Partnership

Provides functional as well as strategic benefits to the clients

Why only IBM Cloud?

Some of the unique standing points of IBM cloud are:


It is the only cloud to offer production-level SAP-certified VMware environments.

Power Systems Virtual Servers

It is the only cloud to offer SAP certified Power Systems Virtual Servers.


In the entire industry, it has the highest data security certification.

IBM Specific Offerings

VMware Workloads

Hosting and Migration of VMware Workloads to IBM Cloud.

Power Systems Virtual Servers

Migrating your on-prem SAP workloads to SAP on Virtual Servers on IBM Cloud.


Migrating your on-prem SAP workloads to SAP on Virtual Servers on IBM Cloud.

Datacenter Expansion

Expanding the capacity of your data center by deploying LPAR on Power Virtual Servers.

Manage DBaaS

Managing DBaaS on IBM Cloud for MS SQL and MySQL

Value-Driven Services

Discovery, Migration and Modernization, Capacity Scaling, Design and Implementation for backup, Disaster Recovery, etc.

IBM Cloud Offerings & Services

We help our customers make the most out of their current set of resources by defining strategic business objectives, constructing a scalable cloud strategy, and generate outcomes with an emphasis on transformation.

Right-Fit Strategy

According to the current infrastructure, company size, and the given budget, we define, and level set a unique cloud strategy. This means that our strategy is agile and fit into any kind of environment given. Along with functional benefits of IBM Cloud, we bring along the business acumen based on our experience and expertise.

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We perform an assessment to determine suitable workloads for migration. We identify the infrastructure, prioritize applications, and use the right tools to resolve security, risk, and governance issues.

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Transformation Roadmap

After assessing their current condition, we strategize and deliver a cloud transformation roadmap to our customers, highlighting the starting point, mid-way considerations, and the end objective. We also ensure that every step of the way is optimized and strategically executed.  

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Hybrid or Muticloud Model

To extend your on-prem environment, we actively move and rebalance workloads in the hybrid cloud model by using tools for application modernizations cutting down operational costs. We provide you a high availability environment with continuous improvements integrating your industry vertical domain expertise.  

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Key Industries

We provide industry-specific solutions across various industries.

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Life Sciences
  3. Retail
  4. Healthcare and Insurance
  5. Distribution
  6. Financial and Public Sector
  7. Utilities
  8. Automative

The Techwave Advantage

Techwave has its own dedicated CoE and trained and certified engineers to provide a comprehensive portfolio of offerings to global customers.


SAP, Cloud, and Data Analytics expertise solving business challenges.

Delivers Value

Focusses on providing value to the customer’s business.

SAP Silver Partner

Established SAP Competency, Power Virtual Server, RedHat OpenSHift Hybrid Cloud Platform


Has a highly competitive price, thus, providing high value to the customers.

Case Studies

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Snowy Mountains


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