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Migrating your on-prem SAP workloads to SAP on Virtual Servers on IBM Cloud

Accelerate and Simplify SAP Systems Migration to SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems DB.


SAP HANA with the right infrastructure can do wonders for your organization. It helps you let your business grow with extensive reliability, flexibility and makes sure your data demands are fulfilled with low operational costs. Techwave comes with solutions and consulting expertise and acts as a true partner in your migration process. Being the silver partner of IBM, we hold expertise in SAP S/4 Transition. Across the globe, various organizations are transforming by using SAP HANA and IBM. They are deploying SAP S4 HANA to get faster and deeper insights from their data.

Various challenges are faced by organizations when deploying SAP S/4 HANA, which include disorganization and confusion, improper and insufficient preparation of the source system, lack of testing and complexity. These challenges are taken care of by IBM Power Systems DB. The most crucial thing while implementing SAP HANA is to look and opt for the right infrastructure.

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Things to keep in mind while choosing the right infrastructure


Actual numbers generally differ from the expected numbers. So, the infrastructure should be able to accommodate the possible increase/decrease without any additional investment. It should also enable you to match your workloads with the cloud environment of your choice.

Scalability with Low Costs

It is important to evaluate the memory scalability in scale in and scale out approaches. To keep the costs in check while implementing, business should keep in mind granular capacity allocations, sharing processor capacity and performance per core.

Mission-Critical Resilience

Being able to run 24*7 is the most vital part for SAP HANA as it is becoming the single data platform. Any downtime might cost the business huge amounts. So, the infrastructure should be ready for unplanned events with minimal business impact.

Key Benefits of IBM Power Systems

Faster Provisioning

With simplified capacity allocations, IBM Power Systems enables the users to access the SAP HANA instances at a much faster speed. It consolidates upto 16 SAP HANA Databases into single server along with complimentary workloads. This reduces physical footprint, complexity and energy consumption.

Affordable Scaling

Due to built in virtualization, Power Systems can run the largest SAP HANA virtual machines with zero overhead. It allows customers to run large SAP certified, scale-out SAP HANA configurations. It reduces the cost by delivering 2 times faster performance and thus reducing the number of cores needed. Customers can also activate or deactivate cores on demand. They can also share their processor capacity across HANA VMs.

Maximizing Uptime

Power System has built-in intelligent memory protection to detect the potential faults beforehand and fix them right away. It has been ranked the most reliable server and has delivered more than 99.999% uptime.

Why only IBM?

Why only IBM?

Instead of just wanting people to migrate, IBM wants people to know the exact reasons, challenges, and outcomes before they migrate. IBM defines the process of migration as a deep technical migration and not just a simple transition. IBM not only provides functional benefits but acts as a strategic partner in the process of migration. IBM says, “The goal with the migration is not to force people into migrating in a way that disrupts the business. Instead, we want to build relationships with clients and help them migrate in a way that provides short-term and long-term benefits.” With the flexibility and scalability of IBM Power Systems, you can start with very small footprint and grow it dynamically as you proceed with migration.
Why IBM and SAP?

IBM and SAP bring digital reinventions, intelligence, experience of over 45 years, 35 SAP Pinnacle Awards, highest adoption rates for SAP HANA Infrastructure and 1000s of customers in just a span of 3 years. Extensive expertise and superior solutions delivery capability make this partnership fruitful for everyone involved.


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