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vmware ibm cloud

Hosting and migration of vmware workloads to ibm cloud

Secure your enterprise and gain a competitive edge with IBM Cloud


Moving your VMware workloads to the IBM cloud makes it simpler for you to leverage the great potential of the cloud. You can migrate using the existing tools, technologies, and skills from your on-premises environment. Migrating your VMware stack enables you to access your data quickly from multiple locations and remove any redundancies. It gives you multiple layers of storage and high availability.

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Key Features

Superfast Delivery

Delivers a self-serve best-of-breed VMware environment in minutes.

No assembling

It doesn’t require any assembly. The VMware environment is ready right out of the box.

No extra effort

It doesn’t require any infrastructure management. It is always healthily available and dispatched.


You can add or remove the capacity in minutes.


It is compatible with all your existing vApps and VMs and runs them smoothly.

Efficient Disaster Recovery

It has integrated backup and failover to the cloud for quick and efficient disaster recovery.

How is VMware on IBM cost-effective?


The VM deployment is quite scalable. The pricing makes sense for a single deployment up to enterprise vApps consisting of hundreds of VMs.

Hourly Pricing

You pay only for what you consume with an hourly pricing model. Thus, you save cost leakage and can use all the resources efficiently.

Low Entry Costs

The entry costs for a full-blown VMware environment are meager. You can enter the environment with an amount lesser than a lunch bill.

On-demand Pricing

The pricing of the projects is flexible. There is a provision of on-demand pricing for short-term projects, and for long-term projects, reduced pricing is available.

Key use-cases

Start Small and Scale

VMware on IBM allows you to expand and contract your VMware environment in 1vCPU/1GB RAM increments. In this way, you start small and can scale as your requirements build on. You begin with sizing the VMware environment, move on to the deployment or migration stage, test your deployment and then enable it if needed. Finally, you move on to the production stage. Gradually, you can start scaling according to your increasing requirements.
Cloud Disaster Recovery Site

VMware on IBM allows you to extend your backup infrastructure to the cloud. You start with replicating on-premises workload to a virtual datacentre on IBM Cloud. While doing this, you only pay for the storage for the replicated environment while everything is going smooth. As soon as the disaster strikes, you have your backup repository ready, and you can even failover and assume control in the cloud. During all this, you pay only pay for CPU and memory while the replication is already started.
Bursting to The Cloud during Peak Demands

You can combine VMware shared with IBM internet Services for a smart and secure offload of work between the primary on-premises VMware environment, and Cloud VMware shared environment. You can start or stop the cloud VMware Shared side as per requirements and pay for only what you consume.
Serve an Employee Fleet with Remote Desktops

You can load employee desktop templates into a virtual data center, deploy the proper template for the employees, make it accessible anywhere in the world with the Internet, and leverage integrated backup to protect them from data loss. You can adjust the right size of your virtual data center as you add or remove staff and pay only for what you consume.