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Power Systems Virtual Servers

Deploy IBM Power Systems Virtual Server to Meet Your Specific Business Needs

Quickly Extend Your Power IT Resources onto IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers on IBM Cloud.


Most IT organizations deal with complex and siloed infrastructure that requires large teams of highly skilled specialists to keep them up and running. These legacy environments force teams to spend a disproportionate amount of time tending to infrastructure and less on applications and services.

Suppose you think that your infrastructure cannot rapidly modernize and economically scale. In that case, IBM has a new offering in the form of Power systems virtual server, specifically for power system clients to address all your cloud challenges.

IBM Power Systems clients who have typically relied upon on-premises-only infrastructure can now quickly and economically extend their Power IT resources into the cloud. IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers allow clients to quickly move and extend their Power IT resources onto IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers into the IBM Cloud. Power Systems Virtual Server projects deliver flexible compute capacity for Power Systems workloads. Power Systems Virtual Server enables flexible compute capacity for Power System workloads

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Features of Power Virtual Server

Hourly and monthly billing – Pay as you go

Image choices include IBMi, AIX & Linux (SLES for SAP)

Choose from a range of POWER processors and RAM options

Provision GPU capacity with your server

Choice of dedicated or shared cores

Available in data centers worldwide

Run SAP workloads on high-performance, certified POWER9 servers

How is VMware on IBM cost-effective?

On-demand provisioning of POWER capacity

Easily archive, manage and serve large amounts of data

Pay-as-you-go pricing

Connect to On-Prem solutions to run as a Hybrid configuration

Incorporates GPU computing and POWER servers

Ability to leverage IBM Cloud Object Storage

Include within a Hybrid Cloud configuration

Key use-cases

Revamping your Disaster Recovery

  • Strengthen disaster recovery capabilities
  • Advantage of scalability and security
  • No need for additional data centre purchase and still enjoy the benefits of IBM cloud
  • With IBM Power Systems, mission-critical applications are protected and future-proofed
  • Data is copied to the cloud and can be accessed by users around the globe.
For Development and Testing

  • Development and testing can be done at the user’s perusal as resources can be turned on and off swiftly.
  • Quickly Test your migrations to IBM POWER9 with safety
  • Allows the development teams to test new workloads in the cloud.
  • A cheap and efficient way of testing as users can pay on an hourly basis and switch it off anytime without worrying about the specifics.
  • Provides a sandbox testing environment that is directly linked to IBM Cloud marketplaces and applications.
  • Gives the developer a separate space for testing new versions of software that are considered ‘risky to test’ in an on-premises setup.
To Host Production Applications

  • IBM Cloud can be used for AIX and IBMi production application hosting, and deploy core business applications with extraordinary flexibility
  • Ability to run AIX, System i, and Linux workloads as virtual servers in the cloud
  • Organizations can use the capacity of IBM Clouds without having to worry about management
  • Provides the benefit of a load-balancing capability as part of the architecture, which facilitates a hybrid approach to IT
  • With IBM’s multi-cloud manager, organizations can manage applications in whichever environment they want.