Datacenter Expansion

Optimize the Usage of Your Assets with Effective Data Center Expansion Solution

Expand your data center with an effective strategy to leverage the public cloud’s scalability


The data center optimization strategy is essential to manage and expand the capacity and performance of data centers.

There are several factors to consider when expanding a data center.

  • Cost: Data centers are expensive to build and operate, so finding a cost-effective location with the infrastructure to support a data center is essential.
  • Connectivity: A data center must be well-connected to the rest of the world to function efficiently, calling for a good mix of telecommunications providers and Internet service providers.
  • Power: A data center needs high power to operate and virtualization to manage data centers. To expand your data center’s capacity, deploying LPAR on Power Virtual Servers is crucial.

Data center expansions can be complex, but by considering all of these factors, operators can ensure that their expansion is successful.


Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is one of the most important aspects of any data center expansion. This process involves estimating future growth and determining how much additional capacity will be needed to support it.


As data centers grow, they must be able to scale up their operations to meet the demands of their increased size. This implies ensuring that the data center infrastructure can support additional capacity.


As data centers grow, the risk of a single point of failure increases. Data center expansions should include redundant systems and components to mitigate this risk. This way, if one system or component fails, the data center can still operate normally.


Improved Efficiency

An optimized expansion plan considers the existing infrastructure and future growth needs to deploy only the necessary assets.

Better Asset Utilization

A holistic approach to expansion planning enables organizations to utilize their assets effectively and reduce overall costs.

Reduced Costs

Organizations can save upfront capital costs and ongoing operational expenses by optimizing their data center expansion.

Aspects of Data Center Architecture

The storage architecture is a vital component of the data center. With the ever-increasing size of data sets, it is crucial to have a scalable storage solution that can grow with the needs of the business.
The server architecture is also an essential part of the data center. The server must be able to support the heavy workloads typical in the data center.